Windows Phone 7 aplicaciones de Nanovsky


Photo Slide

Use your phone as a digital photo frame with Photo Slide! Create slide shows by picking photos from your phone's media library or from your online albums. Save slideshows so you can view them later. During the slide shows pictures will... más

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Code Cracker

Improve your logic while you have fun with with Code Cracker! Code Cracker is a puzzle game in which you use your logic skills to find a secret code - a combination of symbols in specific order. For each guess you make, you get hints - how many... más

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The goal of the game of Lice is to connect dots in order by drawing paths between them. However, you must not cross other paths that you or other players make. If you cross a path, you get a "louse". The fewer lice you get, the more points you... más

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This set of tools utilizes your phone's internal g-sensor. You can detect vibrations and earthquakes, use it as a level to measure slopes and align surfaces, detect the g-forces you're experiencing. And just for fun, try painting on the screen by... más

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Diet Calculator

Do you often wonder what exactly do you get from your food? Find out with DietCalculator. It'll provide detailed nutrition information for your meals. You can keep track of your diet and see if you eat within the recommended calorie intake... más

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