Windows Phone 7 aplicaciones de Just2us


Sleep Well Tonight

This app helps you to relax, get into sleep faster, and better. 18 professional crafted sounds are included in the app. These sounds are proven to help one to relax and get into sleep better. Choose from Rain, River, Waterfall, Gentle Waves,... más

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Scary Whispers..

Have you ever felt a chill when you hear whisperings from no where? With this app, you can play 33 whispering sounds to scare your unsuspecting friends! How to prank a friend: 1) Go to prank page 2) Select one of the whispering sound 3) Press... más

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Air Horn

Play LOUD air horns with your Windows Phone! You can choose different types of air horns from the app - short, long, superlow frequency, superhigh frequency, etc.. más

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