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Have you ever been in a shop and saw something you wanted to buy, and you didn't know if it was a bargain or you're paying way more than in your favourite online shop? scan2save allows you to scan in a barcode (or type it in manually) and then... más

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Todays History

Todays History shows you what happened today in history. It contains thousands of facts and birthdays of important people. más

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Just Jokes

Take fun everywhere you go with Just Jokes. It contains a database of over 10'000 jokes, which are stored on your device so you can enjoy them anywhere without having to downloading them first. The app features two tabs: One allows you to read 25... más

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All You Can Eat

All You Can Eat helps you track your daily intake of energy (calories), fat and carbohydrates. It comes with a built in, manually assembled database of over 700 items and an easy and quick to use interface, allowing you to enter your data quickly... más

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