Windows Phone 7 aplicaciones de Bo9 Consulting


LibrePhoto Vault

Photo Vault Simple and easy application to keep photo’s private. Application loads, pictures don’t and nothing works until password is entered. Password is a date (default is “January-02-2003”); pick a date that is easy to remember: your... más

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Glucose Tracker

Simple Glucose Tracker Simple and easy app to track blood glucose readings. Fully customizable ‘Tags’ to quickly associate text with a reading (for example ‘Before Lunch’ or ‘Took Meds’) but also supports adding any note with reading.... más

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Yes No Maybe

Yes No Maybe Now full functioning trial. The best indecision (question-answer, magic 8 ball, whatever you want to call it) game on the market. Totally customizable for a unique experience. Create/Customize up to 4 different games. Why be limited... más

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