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Meditation Sound

Meditation Sounds will help you get a break from the cacophonies of your surroundings. You meditate or not, just put your favorite sound on and feel the difference. Choose from many natural relaxing sounds of rain, ocean, wind, river, birds and... más

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LibreBe Smart

Few use of this application will grow the natural hatred and aversion towards the tobacco, it may leave a positive impression for life time. Smoking cession effort fails because they don't hit the root cause. This automatic revulsion towards... más

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AB Vocabulary Builder

The best vocabulary builder program! Learn GRE®, GMAT®, SAT, TOEFL ® words in fun and easy way. Words, are not only explained with examples, synonymous and Antonyms but the SPEAK feature will help you learn how to pronounce them. Innovative... más

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Learn Hindi

Kids will love learning alphabet, number and object names with this vibrant colorful easy to use application. Innovative quiz mode, helps in learning fast by eliminating wrong answers. más

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Jumble Word

Give a workout to your brain! Find the correct word, out of jumbled alphabets, very simple and easy user interface. Touch the letters and drag them around. More than 2000 word are in this release. Four different levels of difficulty. You can play... más

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Prepares your child for kindergarten! Kids will love learning alphabets, numbers, colors, Month, week names and object names with this easy to use application. Alphabet and numbers vibrant background colors will appeal to your kids visual senses.... más

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