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  • Scroll down to see what features are new in this version vibeMassage allows you to use your phone's ability to vibrate for a relaxing massage. The idea for this app came from a relative that wanted a gentle massage for their hand injury. I hope it helps them and I hope it helps you, too. Features: * Uses Fast Application Switching in Mango / 7.5 to reload app quicker - 8 Vibration Patterns to select from - Easy-to-reach On/Off switch, status display - Settings are saved from last time run - Switches for Lockscreen, Location Svcs, etc. - Timer Presets ranging from 1min to Infinity - Uses phone's theme - Free Trial Version is ad-supported - Full (Paid) version allows you to turn off Ads - All versions allow disabling of Location Services - Location Services, Phone Dialer, Device Identity & User Identity used only by and for Microsoft's Ad Control, not stored, used or transmitted in any other way NOTE: No claim is made as to the safety and/or effectiveness of this app as a means of physical therapy and/or healing, nor will we be liable for your use of this app. Use of this app implies your agreement with this statement. New Features (see footnotes at bottom): 1.10 * Option for endless running of program (manual stop; user requested!) * New version check & notification on startup * Notification requests you to review the app 1.9 - Available in 7 additional countries 1.8 * Uses Fast Application Switching in Mango / 7.5 to reload app quicker 1.7 - Resumes running your program when you return to app - Option to continue running when screen is locked - Better handling of incoming phone calls 1.5 - Better handling of screen space when ads are disabled *These features are FOR WINDOWS PHONE 7.5 ONLY (see
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