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  • Please scroll down for the latest updates. iQuit helps you to quit smoking and keeps it that way by giving you a detailed view about how your body regenerates after your last cigarette. Use this App right after your last cigarette or even much later to see how your body has regenerated itself! Even if you stopped, for example, 6 years ago this app can still be helpful to you! See detailed statistic about your former smoking behavior and many other interesting information. Click on the tiles to get information about how for example high blood pressure harms your body over time. Every tile has useful information for you behind it. This info will keep you going because you can see what is maybe not so obvious to you! It's your life, get it back... Now! Thank you for purchasing my app! * Last Updates Version 2.5 - Big revision of text passages by Andrew White! I´d really like to thank you very much for your great work! - It is now possible to enter a future quit date which can be 1 year from now. - The trial version now has a "Buy full version" button at the top of the main page. - Minor fixes and improvements - You can contact me via the following email: [email protected] Version 2.1 -You can now set the price per pack up to $30 or €30 as requested - Removed gradient text on the main details for better readability under bright conditions. Version 2.0 - Revised the text and corrected grammatical errors - Fixed calculation error - Changed the colour of some text for readability - Added Trial support - Contact Email can be found in the Guide within the App. If you have any questions or ideas please let me know!
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