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  • *** The only period tracking app you need *** Thank you for all the positive feedback and suggestions. We have incorporated many of the suggestions we have received into the latest version. Many more updates are on their way. *** Tons of new Features in v1.2. See below for full list. Happy Period accurately tracks and predicts your period cycle. The more you use Happy Period, the better it will get at predicting your cycle. Easy to use, with tons of features. If there are features you would like to see, need technical support, or have some feedback, please let us know by sending us an email at [email protected] If you enjoy using Happy Period, please leave us a review and tell your friends about this app. Every little bit helps. Thank you for using Happy Period! Features # At a glance period information # Next period date, cycle length, duration # Color coded calendar # Track your period days, intimate days, and custom notes # Track your moods # Track your symptoms # Specify your own custom moods and symptoms (NEW) # Hide/Show only the moods and symptoms that apply to you (NEW) # Track your fertility cycle # Track your weight and medical history (NEW) # History log # Data restore # Themed to your phone's colors # Six different backgrounds for light and dark theme (NEW) # Choose your own background from your pictures (NEW) # More features coming in the next version! New in v1.2 # Customizable Backgrounds - Choose from six defaults or choose from your own pictures # More moods and customizable moods # More symptoms and customizable symptoms # Hide/Show only the moods/symptoms that apply to you # Track your weight # Enter medical notes # Allow return character for notes - you can now have multiline notes # General enhancements Coming soon # Filter and search for your history # Graphs and charts # Severity for moods and symptoms
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