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  • Start keeping a professional workout journal today. Join the group of the best bodybuilders in the world. BodyArchitect lets you to make your journals public for other users to read. You don’t feel like sharing your results with the rest of the world just yet? No problem – you can limit other people’s access to your journal. Features: WORKOUT LOG •Unlimited number of workout entries •Opportunity to log the workout hours •A collection of over 200 described exercises •A constantly expanding base of ready to use workout plans •Every exercise can have a variable number of sets •The possibility to add comments to each workout entry and every set separately •The ability to write down measurements and weight even every day •The workout journal makes it possible to thoroughly note down all used supplements •Very nice user interface. You will love it •Supports for inches and pounds COMMUNITY •Community platform for bodybuilders and people who take workout seriously •The possibility to keep a professional journal and to share it with other users •Thanks to the access to other people’s journals you have the access to a huge knowledge base concerning bodybuilding •A mini blog gives you a possibility to describe your workouts even more thoroughly. Additionally it is possible for other users to comment on your journal and give you valuable advice •The possibility to comment and rate different workout plans and exercises •Advanced search for users gives you the chance to meet amazing people, for whom bodybuilding is a passion and their whole life Change log: 2.3 -Bug fixing in search workout plans 2.2 -Show system tray in most pages -Change gui for messages and blog comments -Bug fixing 2.0 - Mango support - New feature: Full support for inches and pounds - Bug fixing 1.5 - New feature: Show changes in measurements (PRO version only) - New feature: Preview old trainings (PRO version only) - Bug fixing 1.1 - Bug fixing
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