6 Week Training

  • 6 Week Training an easy to follow to program to help you reach your goal in the following exersises: Hundred Pushups. Two Hundred Situps, Two Hundred Squats, Hundred Fifty Dips, Twenty Pullups. After taking the initial test for each of the exersises the program will put you in the appropriate workout level and keep track of your workout. After week two, four and five there is an Exhaustion Test that will determine which level of the program is right for you in the following week. You can always monitor your progress by looking though the logs and charts available. Also Featuring Super Set Mode which allows you to do multiple exercises instead of having a break in between sets. Additional Features: Backup/Restore to SkyDrive Live Tile shows next workout reps Schedule Reminders up to 25 Metronome to help keep pace If you have any questions, problems or suggestions do not hesitate to email us. Five Apps in One and best of all it's ALL FREE. Please Note that the app has been updated for Mango! If you have not updated your phone, please do to receive this and any following updates. Special thanks to everyone who helped with their comments and suggestions to make this app what is it today! Update 2.7 Backup/Restore to SkyDrive Live Tile shows next workout reps Schedule Reminders Metronome to help keep pace Misc Fixes Update 2.6 Another fix for non us region Some minor fixes Update 2.5 Fixed issue for non us region Removed extra timer after the last set Added feature - app will have you repeat the day if you are unable to perform the minimum on the last set Update 2.3 Updated for Mango 7.5 App now supports Fast Resume Update 2.2 Minor fixes Update 2.1 Fixed minor issues, Read data from version 1.1 Update 2.0 Fully Redesigned UI - Designed By Rafa? Czaniecki Added 20 Pullups Program Update 1.1 Minor Bug Fixes Added Power Workout Mode
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2011-08-22 01:38 Jugador25717394
Buenísima aplicación con programas para abdominales flexiones tríceps y sentadillas. Los programas están cogidos de las mejores paginas que conozco. Pueden autoconfigurarse o si ya tienes los programas empezados decir por donde vas y proseguir. Falta un programa de dominadas y para quien ande flojo de ingles no entenderá las explicaciones pero si el resto al ser muy sencillo.
2011-06-12 19:50 Lioso Net
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