Currency Converter Deluxe

Easy currency conversion!

  • A fast and easy-to-use currency converter! This application simplifies the process of currency conversion by allowing you to perform a one-to-many conversion in just one step. Just type the amount and select the currency, and the application will automatically perform the conversion to ALL other supported currencies! Features: ? Supports the most popular currencies from all over the world. ? Simultaneous One-to-many conversion. ? Auto-save: saves the last entered amount and currency. ? Live-conversion: currencies are converted live as you type. ? Support for both portrait and landscape orientations. Trial Users: Only 5 currencies will be available in trial mode. Upgrade to gain access to all other curriencies. Disclaimer: Currency rates are retrieved on a daily basis and not in real time. They are provided for information purposes only, and no guarantees are made as to their accuracy and/or timeliness.
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