All You Can Eat

Smart nutrition counter

  • All You Can Eat helps you track your daily intake of energy (calories), fat and carbohydrates. It comes with a built in, manually assembled database of over 700 items and an easy and quick to use interface, allowing you to enter your data quickly on the go. Custom items that are not already built in can be added to the database. All You Can Eat also features extensive statistics that tell you exactly where you need to cut back. Is it the one or two beers you have each night that just tip you over your calorie limit? Or do you eat too many carbohydrates for dinner? Or do you behave all week, but eat way too much in the weekends? All this becomes apparent by using the statistics tool. Custom limits can be set for all three trackable values. Both in the today and the history screen you will see directly how you're doing, with percentual values and colour codes. The trial version has all the same features as the unlocked version, but it does not save your data. So every time you start the app, you'll have to start from scratch.
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