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Take your device to a ride and check the acceleration e.g. in your car, an elevator, on a roller coaster or during take off and landing. The acceleration is measured in gravitional units (9.81m/s²). Features: - pause, resume and clear the... más

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This application turns your device into a speedometer and accelerometer. By assigning background colors to speed ranges you can see from the corner of the eye how fast you e.g. to avoid speeding. Features: - The acceleration is color coded with... más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming UEFA Champions League football games and the Major League soccer games. más

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Sports App

See the schedule and countdown to upcoming sport events in different categories. más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming MLB baseball games. más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming ATP and WTA tennis tournaments. más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming PGA tour matches. más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming Nascar, Indycar and Formula One races. más

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This application shows the current local outdoor temperature, measured by a nearby weather station for which it uses your current location. Features: - shows a different background color for temperature - the temperature is automatically updated... más

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World Clockr

World Clockr gives everybody his own collection of digital world clocks. Each clock is customized to a location and time zone. This way it can show accurate sunrise and sunset times and reflect the current sun position on its animated... más

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Train your memory and play a game of Pairs with the SpeedyMarks icons. How to play (in case you don't know): - Tap one card - Tap a second card - If cards match, they are removed - If cards don't match, they become hidden again - Play until all... más

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Stadt Quiz

Teste Dein Wissen und ordne alle Kreisstädte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland Ihren Bundesländern zu. Bei Antippen des Stadtnamens öffnet sich Wikipedia mit weiteren Informationen. Die falsch geratenen Städte werden in einer Liste gesammelt. más

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This application calculates the distance of a thunder storm by measuring the time between a lightning and the corresponding thunder. How to use: - When you see the lightning press the 'Lightning' button. - Wait until you hear the thunder and... más

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Looking for a time filler or even a new hobby? Let's try to find an new palindrome which is a word or phrase that can be read the same way in either direction (the adjustment of punctuation and spaces between words is generally permitted). You... más

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Create timers to monitor how long it takes to do your work, how long you make a pause or whatever you have to time. The timer keeps running even when you close the application. So there is no need to keep it open all the time. Timers can be -... más

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This application helps to calculate the average velocity over a given distance. Use this to measure e.g. your walking and running speed or to calibrate your car speedometer. It doesn't use GPS. How to use: 1. Find a known distance and enter it... más

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Average Calculator

Calculates the arithmetic mean, the geometric mean and the harmonic mean as well as the standard deviation and the confidence interval of a set of numbers. The calculator results can be emailed. más

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This application helps to calculate the mileage of your car quick and easy while you are on the road. In addition it can give you the cost per distance and maximum range of your car. You can save a history of calculations which you can see in a... más

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VAT Calculator

This application helps to quickly calculate the sales tax or VAT you have to pay while you shop at home or while traveling abroad. You can select from a predefined list of US and European states or define your own percentage and change the... más

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Is it time to think about your weight?. If you plan to start a diet or just want to stay in shape this application is for you. Track your daily calories. Set your limit and see whether you can stay below. More features: - Calculate your daily... más

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Interval training is one of the best methods to enhance your physical fitness and burn calories and is therefore a basic part of many physical exercise and workout sessions. It is broadly defined as repetitions of high-speed/intensity work... más

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Helps to find your lottery picks. It draws a set of random numbers out of a given range. Random picks usually lead to higher winnings than the usual birthdays and lucky numbers because fewer players sharing the same set. Can be customized for... más

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Speed Limit

Check your speed and get warned if you drive faster than the speed limit to avoid speed tickets. Features: - supports metric km/h and imperial mph speeds - optional warning sounds if your are speeding - adjustable tolerance before warning - US... más

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LibreRotation Hockey

Nachrichten und Berichte des Berliner Hockeyclubs: Rotation Prenzlauer Berg más

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Game Counter

This is a game counter application. Track the score of different games easily without doing marks on paper. Perfect for sports, board-games, birthday parties and so on. Comes with an additional game countdown clock. más

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Stay in control and monitor your daily, weekly or monthly spendings with the help of this budget tracker application. Set yourself a limit and debit all your payments. You can always see how much money is left until your budget is gone and whether... más

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Remember, track and motivate yourself to do your daily tasks. Keep track of your New Year's resolutions like a daily walk, blog or stop smoking. Check off the tasks you did and see what is left to do. The applications keeps a history of your... más

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Did you always want to know which day of week you or one of your friends was born? This application calculates the day of the week for any date in the past and the future. It's useful to plan your holidays and trips or just find out the day of... más

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Week Number

This application calculates the number of the week for any date in the past and the future. It can either use the US method (first day of week is a Sunday) or the ISO method (first day is a Monday, first week contains the first Thursday of the... más

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Wie oft fragt man sich, welcher Kreis wohl hinter den Anfangsbuchstaben eines Autokennzeichen steckt und in welchem Bundesland er liegt? Diese Datenbank mit allen KFZ-Kennzeichen Deutschlands hilft bei der Antwort. Man kann nach Kennzeichen,... más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming NHL hockey games. más

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Basketball Games

See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming NBA basketball games. - updated for Playoffs 2011 más

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See the schedule and countdown to the upcoming NFL football games. más

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Get countdowns for the upcoming holidays in different countries. más

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Moon Phases

Countdown to the next moon phases: full moon, new moon and first and last quarter. más

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This loan & mortgage calculator helps to find out how much you will have to pay monthly for a mortgage or a loan with a fixed interest rate. You can calculate any value in the loan equations, so that you can find out how many years you need pay... más

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This percentage calculator helps to find the proportion between two values expressed in percent. You can calculate any value in the percentage equation, just fix the one you want to have calculated. As well you can choose to calculate to percent... más

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This savings calculator helps to find out how much interest you will get when you invest your money over a given period of time with a fixed interest rate. It calculates the compound interest which means it assumes you reinvest the interest after... más

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Do you ask yourself sometimes, where in the world is this country? This application shows each country of the world on the map. Either select it from the list or jump around randomly (by pressing the button or just a quick shake of the... más

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Do you ask yourself sometimes, where in the USA is this state and what is its capital? This application shows each state of the USA on the map. Either select it from the list or jump around randomly (by pressing the button or just a quick shake of... más

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Capital Quiz

Test your knowledge and name all state capitals of the USA. Adapt the difficulty with the number of capitals to choose from. The wrongly guessed capitals are collected in a list with links to wikipedia for easy lookup. más

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Retrieve the synonym for every word. If available you will get antonyms, related terms, similar word and user suggestions too. Tap one of the results to start a quick new search for that term. Moreover it keeps a history list of your search terms. más

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