• CleverToDo is a task management application. Manage your tasks efficiently. This To Do application is based on “Get Things Done” methodology created by David Allen. Slick and intuitive design allows you to focus on tasks not on design. Simplify your daily life, reduce stress and stay productive. Task management is the most important application to have on your Windows Phone 7. CleverToDo is a must have application to stay productive in your everyday life. Try it for FREE and understand how it can help you to save time and money every day. Please send questions and comments to: [email protected] Additional feature list • Easy date/time selection • Reminders (Mango) • Repeating tasks (Mango) • Background agent for more reliable LiveTile update (Mango) • Grouping options (Mango) • Dropbox backup, Web backup • Notes Best for GTD!
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Buena interfaz, completa y con interesantes filtros personalizables. Le falta sincronización con algún servicio externo y es algo cara.
2012-04-13 09:35 felet2
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