Tapping Counter

The must have tool if you have to count! Just tap the display to increase the counter! more

By d.i.m. IT


pLists Unlimited

Developed by Bilal Ahsan pLists are your personal persistent lists that you carry along and use on daily basis. pLists can be ToDo items, Project tasks, Shopping List, Car Repair Record, Things to remember, Wishlists or Whatever list you can... more

By Yalla Apps



BillingTime is a personal time tracker and time billing application. It lets you record your time against client projects and email them invoices or timesheets. Just setup your business, client and project information once. After that, you... more

By Griff Kennedy


Due Dates

Developed by Seif Ibrahim All of us have many important days in our life as birthdays, events, meetings, special days and more… We admit that it is very difficult to remember all these days all the time. So, here is what Due Dates app comes to... more

By Yalla Apps


Translator T7

Developed by Ond?ej Dobe?ka Fast translating from/to your favorite languages, which you can simply customize. Every language has it's Tile. By tapping on tile you reverse from/to direction of translating. more

By Yalla Apps


FreeMy Checklists

Developed by Alexander Sloutsky This application brings simple tasks management to your Windows Phone. It is useful for managing shopping lists, arranging TODO tasks, making trip planning, etc. Features: - Import from Google Docs spreadsheets -... more

By Yalla Apps



Developed by Ond?ej Dobe?ka Learning your favourite language with LearnAt7 is more easy and funny. After you tap on screen, a new word is shown and you have to guess translated word. Answer is shown after specified interval. You can also use... more

By Yalla Apps


Alpha Memory

Trial gives you up to 4 items to memorize out of 12 for free. Pro version gives you any number from 1 to 12. Alpha Memory brings you a memory workout! There is a link to a video tutorial at the bottom of this description. The Alpha Memory app... more



Lexikon der Gase

Lexikon der Gase Lexikon der Gase bietet Ihnen einen Überblick über viele Gase mit deren Eigenschaften und noch vieles mehr... Schauen Sie sich einfach um und lernen Sie die Gase und deren Eigenschaften näher kennen... more

By H&W IT Solution GmbH



Want to search someting in Google, Bing or Yahoo! at the same time? SearchMix can do this! Type in what you want to search and then you can browse through these three search engines with just a simple click. more

By Wei Yusong