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  • Updated: 01 Oct,2011 (ad-free mango trial) ---------------------------------------------- NextGen Reader is your favorite Google Reader client for Windows Phone Mango. ** UPDATE TO 7.5 for LATEST FEATURES ** ** v2 WP 7.5 FEATURES ** - Now supports multiple live tiles and fast app switching! - Pin your favorite feeds/folders to home screen. - Share status using inbuilt phone accounts. - Many enhancements and over 15 bug fixes. ** v1.x WP 7.0 FEATURES ** - Supports offline mode. - Select multiple items just like wp7 email client. - Completely secure – uses https and encryption. - Metro UI - new themes in application. - Support for YouTube in articles. - Send to InstaPaper and Read It Later. - Post to twitter/facebook/windows live. - Share articles with url shortner. - Toggle "unread" or "all" items mode using appbar. - Sync items as per choice – all or unread only. - Sync only desired feed or folder. - Sync changes only to google reader. - Read article in landscape mode. - Choose default mobilizer - instapaper or google. - Can lock your device during refresh. ** What's New in v1.15 ** 1. share to Facebook. 2. subscriptions in alphabetical order. 3. "all items" or "unread only" toggle mode: - display all feeds or only unread feeds. - display all articles or only unread articles. - toggle using application bar button. 4. auto hide articles/feeds/folder when marked as read. 5. sync only selected feed or folder. 6. improved automatic loading of new items. 7. option to lock screen to portrait mode. 8. increased limit for starred and shared items. 9. increased star button size in article view. Only Twitter sharing feature is not available in trial version. **One of the simple and fastest Google Reader client.** Email: [email protected] Twitter: @ngreader Blog:
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Muy cómoda de usar, más que la propia web móvil de Google Reader, y esta además funciona sin conexión. Y muy completa incluso con la versión trial.
2011-04-21 23:05 Pablonete
Enamorado de ella.
2011-03-31 15:05 iroquei
Sin duda el mejor lector de rss para wp7. Si has probado el mobilrss de iphone, es lo mas parecido que podras encontrar. Recomendado sin duda.
2011-03-20 13:38 Chisaikano
The best Google Reader app out there (IMHO)
For *** i'ts the best Google Reader application for WP7 at the moment. Run smoothly and allows you read your news off-line. You can sync your readed news later when you are connected by WiFi.
2011-02-22 20:51 ereche
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