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  • Fertility Calculator offers a complete solution for fertility and pregnancy planning. Using one of three modes - 'Trying to Conceive', 'Avoid Pregnancy' or 'Currently Pregnant' - this application provides a visual calendar which shows you all the important dates and milestones of your menstruation cycles, fertility dates and your current pregnancy. If you've just fallen pregnant - this application will show you all the upcoming milestones like viability dates, your three trimesters and plot out the weeks of your pregnancy. If you are trying to get pregnant - you can also view your upcoming peak fertility and ovulation dates for each month, expected due dates (if you're successful) and upcoming menstruation cycles. And if you're avoiding pregnancy - this application will also help you plan the safest dates for intercourse. Family planning was never this easy... The limited trial version will allow you to try out the functionality of this application - but not allow you to change the dates/cycle lengths required for actual use. Please Note : This application should be used for planning purposes only - and does not attempt to replace actual medical advice provided by a qualified doctor or medical personal.
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