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  • >> NEW VERSION 1.6 | Geolocation and bug fixes Elegant, practical, intuitive and created by wine experts, this state-of-the-art application is essential to enhance the finer experience of your everyday life. Built to serve everyone, the Mobile Sommelier is an elegant companion for novices (“wine pairing for dummies”) or a sophisticated companion for wine connoisseurs. When to use: Ordering wine to pair with your meal in a restaurant Shopping wine to pair with food at grocery stores Shopping wine for special occasions, gifts or dinner parties Taking notes and pictures during wine tasting or, just learning about food and wine pairing For wine novices: Visually rich guidance, minimum thinking required Get instant answers to perfect pairings Choose the right wine for any dish like an expert Save time and appear knowledgeable Educational and fun to use For wine connoisseurs: All of the above, plus… Create very detailed and highly personalized wine note Rate the wine you tasted and keep track of your favorites Take and save pictures of wine labels for future reference Features: Intuitive user interface Fun to use sliders and ratings Easy pickers for varietals, countries and aromas A comprehensive taste and aroma library Glossary of wine vocabularies Huge food library, including ethnic foods, cheeses and desserts Extensive wine library with varietals from around the world Regular updates of new wines, dishes and pairing suggestions Automatic backup on; never lose your wine notes For less than half the price of a nice glass of wine, a one-time fee will allow you to enjoy the loyal service of Mobile Sommelier™ with life-time upgrades of new features and benefits for free! No ads, no hidden fees, no subscription charge. Mobile Sommelier™ is a must-have for everyone to pair the perfect wine with the taste of your sweet life! Live Well!
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