WiFi Scale Tracker

  • WiFi Scale Tracker is a Windows Phone application for tracking your weight as measured by a Withings WiFi Body Scale, written by Dan Crevier. This application is not usable without such a scale and requires you to use your my.withings.com account. It supports the following features: * Metro style UI * Shows most recent weight in pounds * Shows daily, weekly and monthly trends based on simple linear regression * Can show all weight measurements * Supports pounds and kilograms * Displays BMI * High and low weights * Share weight on social networks * Displays graph of weight over time * Pinch zoom to change range * Drag to pan the graph * Double tap to zoom out * Tap and hold to see measurement values Version 1.4 adds the following: * BMI support * Added ability to share weight * Performance and stability improvements * Does not need to be online to show cached data Version 1.3 adds the following: * New Metro-style UI * Clicking on the current weight display shows all of the raw weight measurements * Clicking on the daily, weekly or monthly trends will show bar graphs by day, week or month. The standard graph is still accessible through the application bar. Version 1.2 adds the following: * Support for kg * Mango fast resume * Fixes issues in sign in flow for some users * Visual cleanup, including moving user selection to settings * Miscellaneous bug fixes If you run into any problems or have feature requests, please contact me at [email protected] These are the features I'm looking at for future releases: * Tracking of fat mass (in % or kg/lbs) * Live tile updates * Manual updating of weight measurements * Goal tracking
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2012-02-24 07:12 Kolmos123
2012-02-13 20:23 Jugador14885183
2012-01-22 15:19 Jugador31595405
Esta bien, cumple perfectamente su función.
2011-12-04 09:38 Raul GG
Esta bien, pero no se pueden ver las medidas en Kg
2011-08-14 14:47 Raul GG
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