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  • The full version of this acclaimed game is now free! Kick back and relax with a game of Driftwood Solitaire. Clear 60 unique tables in this update to the classic Tri Peaks solitaire. Rich graphics and animation, soothing sounds, and pick-up-and-play gaming make Driftwood Solitaire a great distraction whenever you have a spare moment or just want to take a break. Local high score tables track your best scores on each layout, and strategy is necessary if you want to top the list! New global high scores let you compare your scores against the world. Fun for a minute and fun for an hour. Complete the game and become one of the world’s Driftwood Masters! Latest updates: * Added ten more tables for a total of 60 * Every player now gets 5 “Golden Tickets” which can be used to bypass levels if you get stuck.
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  • 2011-03-23 04:53
  • 2012-05-02 23:55
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Bien en general. Aún no se como quitar la música
2012-08-20 14:36 El porruo
Está muy entretenido
2012-06-13 16:31 Jugador90217101
Ya termine el 60 y ahora que?
2012-06-05 17:00 Jugador22389092
2012-05-16 20:25 Jugador11675032
Es bueno pero me estanque en el 36
2012-05-18 10:35 Jugador22389092
Este juego es buenísimo con muchas pantallas esta muy bien para los amantes de los solitarios
2012-03-13 15:50 Jugador40864895
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